Programmes Overview

The business undergraduate programmes at CityU College of Business aim at nurturing future business leaders. Students study rigorous curriculum that are designed by our world-class faculty members. They gain global exposure through various opportunities including overseas exchange, summer programs and service learning. They also participate in internship and company consultancy projects to gain practical experience.

Future Business Leaders

Rigorous Curriculum
Global Exposure
Practical Experience

CityU College of Business offers two flagship college majors. The BBA Global Business major offers a globally oriented curriculum and opportunities for students to develop a global mindset, think strategically and contribute to companies doing business internationally. The BSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology major prepares students for exciting career options in quantitative finance, investment banking, asset management and algo trading.

CityU College of Business also offers 9 other BBA majors through its six academic departments. In addition to a broad-based BBA curriculum that cover state-of-the-art knowledge and skills helpful in the busines world, students will also take specialized courses in one or more disciplines to prepare for career paths of their own interest.