International / Mainland Applicants

For applicants with international qualifications (e.g. IBDP, GCEAL, SAT/AP, etc.), we accept applications with more than 37 types of qualifications from around the world. International applicants with eligible Bachelor’s Degree, Associate Degree or Higher Diploma qualifications are welcome to lodge applications.

Students applying on basis of international qualifications can select up to three choices. Depending on the type of qualifications, students can choose to apply for first-year admission or admission with advanced standing to our business programmes. Applicants seeking first-year admission are either admitted directly to a major or to a school/department with an undeclared major (select a major at the end of Semester B of year 1 study). The year 1 curriculum of all BBA programmes are identical. Students entering via either route will start major programme study from the second year onwards.

For more information about international/mainland admissions, please visit here.

For information about mainland NUEE admissions, please visit here.