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Admission Route

Students must apply through the general application system. Shortlisted students may be required to attend an interview with the Programme Leaders. More information will be made available after the application has been processed.


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*For more details please refer to JUPAS Admissions Score  Reference:

Direct/ Non-JUPAS

To be considered for admission, you must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements. For admission details and procedures please refer to:


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The university provides entrance scholarships to both outstanding Local and Non-local students, acknowledging their exceptional accomplishments in academics or non-academic pursuits.

Furthermore, the BBA Global Business (JS1001) is among the prestigious Flagship Programmes offered at CityUHK. Talented Local JUPAS students who meet the specified criteria are eligible for the Flagship Scholarships, which further recognizes their excellence.

For Local Students

      o CityUHK Scholarships for Hong Kong Talents

            o Flagship Scholarships (NEW)

For Non-Local Students (International)

For Non-Local Students (Mainland)


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What are the unique features of this major?

To nurture BBA Global Business students as global elites, students are offered the unparalleled opportunity to join the Summer Programme of MIT Data Science Lab and Harvard Summer School. Top students will be offered full sponsorship for their studies. Triple Exchange opportunities, one of which compulsory, is also another key feature of the Programme. Students could select from the 200+ exchange partners and some of which have exclusive quota for GBU students. There are plenty of resources and challenges for students to develop as global leaders, e.g. study tours, scholarships, executive mentorships and global consultancy projects.

BBA Global Business students have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Joint Bachelor's Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University. Upon completion of this joint degree program, students will receive bachelor’s degrees conferred by both Columbia University and CityUHK. For details, please visit here.



Do I need to pay the host universities' tuition fee? Are there any financial support for my expenses in the exchange studies?

Host universities waive tuition fees for exchange students. However, students are required to pay their normal tuition and other study-related fees to CityUHK during the exchange period. Exchange students are also responsible for financing their travel, accommodation, living expenses, visa, insurance, books, etc. There are various financial supports available for students to apply.



Do I need to attend JUPAS admission interview?

An interview would be scheduled around June for shortlisted applicants only. All band A applicants will be invited to join the interview while students of other choices will be invited subject to availability of interview places. Interview is not a must but it will SIGNIFICANTLY increase students’ chance to join the programme if they fall into the marginal 3+2 score range with ‘Attained’ Level for the subject of “Citizenship and Social Development”. 



Shall I take a 2nd major or minor?

In fact, GBU students are required to declare a second major to enhance their competitiveness on the job market or for future studies (subject to fulfilling the requirements for declaring a second major). Taking minor is also encouraged to broaden your horizon. Students with non-weighted 3 core and 2 best elective scores at or above 25 with ‘Attained’ Level for the subject of “Citizenship and Social Development” are guaranteed with free choice of 2nd BBA major by the end of year 1.

For more details, please refer to here.



Is there any scholarship available?

College of Business and CityUHK are committed to nurturing elite students to become future business leaders. Various scholarships are available, for details of the scholarships, please  visit  here.



What support is available to help GBU students develop their career connections and student life?

Civitas, a student led community organise regular career and skills training, business elites sharing sessions and networking opportunities exclusively for GBU students. These will further enhance a rewarding student life and better equip our students for higher employability upon graduation.



Where do students end up with their graduation jobs and summer internships?

We encourage our GBU students to explore their career paths and craft one that they feel most passionate about. As such, our students have secured graduate positions or summer internships in a diverse set of industries both locally and internationally.



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