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GBU Community Life
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GBU Community Life

GBU is a close-knit community where Programme Leaders contribute to student life through aspects such as peer mentoring, cultural exchange events, alumni networking, industry speakers, career development workshops, social events, and internship support. This provides academic and professional guidance as well as an opportunity for friendships. Civitas is a society that is made up of GBU students who work together to promote the three pillars of Civitas, members work to share aspects of the GBU life with other students as well as answer any questions that future students may have. GBU social events bring together global business students with different cultural backgrounds. This helps students make connections and learn about each other's cultures. Programme Leaders connect current students with global business alumni through events, mentorship programmes and networking opportunities, which allows students to connect outside of the classroom.

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GBU prides itself on fostering a close-knit community that strives to be inclusive and helpful. The activities organized throughout the year give the students an opportunity to meet their batchmates, learn from each other, make friends, and network. One of the activities at the beginning of the academic school year is welcoming the freshmen, introducing them to their seniors and giving them advice. Throughout the school year both the Programme Leaders and senior students organize many bonding activities for GBU students. This nurtures friendship and understanding between a diverse set of people that serves as a learning opportunity for everyone.

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The Global Business Programme consistently produces high achieving students with accomplishments recognized through prestigious awards and scholarships. Faculty members play an active role in nominating qualified candidates for these forms of merit-based recognition. In addition to strong academic performance, students distinguish themselves through an extensive portfolio of competitive internships, case competitions, and professional experiences.


A long list of multi-national companies and organizations offer internship positions to the talented pool of GBU students. The programme strategically connects students to these invaluable opportunities to work with industry leaders and apply their education to real business environment.

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Case Competitions

GBU students regularly demonstrate their business knowledge through prominent case competitions around the world. Either through school nominations or self-driven participation. Past successes include winning the high-profile HKU/HSBC Case Competition or the HKTVmall Case Challenge. Such case competitions provide invaluable experiential learning opportunities. Through showcase victories and strong showings and varied competitions, GBU students confirm the Programmes’ rigorous focus on cultivating essential leadership and problem-solving proficiency. These achievements highlight the talent this Programme consistently produces.


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